How do I publish the service to my target audience?

The service itself makes the disclosures, either by sending SMS to any interested person that calls (free toll) the number of the parking place, either through information in the signalization system panel. We have also available some marketing products previously conceived, which you might complement with your information.

What are the conditions to be a phonepark user?

You need to be registered in the managing parking entity system and have an active mobile phone.

What happens if I call to a Phonepark from an unidentified number?

In this case, as the telefone number is hidden, the phonepark is unable to identify the caller, not being able to open the parking place.

What is necessary to install a phonepark place?

Mobile network coverage and electricity. You can also choose the photovoltaic panel model, solar energy.

If I don’t have balance in my mobile phone, can I use the system?

If you can make calls and if you are a registered user you can use the phonepark. It depends on the characteristics of your mobile network operator, usually operators just allow customers to make calls if the balance is positive (however, as you do not spend any money by calling to phonepark, you don’t need to have balance).

What happens if I’m not a user and call the phonepark telephone number?

You will receive a sms informing you about the requirements for using the system and instructions to make the registration with the management entity so you can become a registered user.

By how many people can a phonepark be used?

Each phonepark place can currently accept 10 000 telephone numbers, allowing it therefore to be used by 10 000 drivers. In particular version, in the case of condominiums, enterprises, or particular places for disabled persons, and since in this case the registration of the phone numbers of users will be programmed by SMS or smartphone, the limit is 30 users.

What happens if I park without making the phonepark call?

The system immediately recognizes that there is an abusive use and enlightens the flashing red light on the signing panel, activates an audible warning to the offender and sends a sms to park security with the offense data.

When leaving the Phonepark parking do I have to make a new call?

No, because the system immediately recognizes the vehicle output and closes the parking place, being available for a new utilization.

If I make the cal and then decide not to park, do I have to pay anything?

No, as long as you expect for the system to close the barrier (so that no one parks with your identification), this time is set by the parking manager and it’s between 4 and 12 seconds (between the parking request and the closure for non-utilization).