Easier, ecological and safe

Easier, ecological and safe

The availability of parking in strategic locations offers privileges to authorized users, facilitating the traffic flow, the management ending with abusive parking.

Absolute control and parking management

Absolute control and parking management

Conceived for an absolute management of automobile parking, the system allows a parameter definition, tariff and differenced schedules according to needs, optimizing their profitability. Only authorized drivers have access to the system.

Available Parking Profitability

Available Parking Profitability

It allows an easier control of privileged parking in avenues, condominiums, enterprises, hospitals, priority services, shopping centers, loading and unloading places, airports, VIP areas, among others.

Easy instalation and management

Easy instalation and management

Adaptable to any parking place wherever there is a GSM mobile network. With a photovoltaic or public network feed. High reliability with a low cost maintenance. Non intrusive pavement assembly.

phonepark® is a parking control and management system, used as intelligent parking meter, or preventing the abuse of parking spaces that are reserved for groups like disabled or pregnant. It’s the ideal solution to tackling parking space abuse.

phonepark is designed to ease the problems of finding a parking space by registered users of a particular car park, while preventing the abuse of parking spaces reserved for groups such as disabled. A motorist can pre-register for a parking space, either online, by phone or in person. Each space has a telephone number allocated to it. Once registered the motorist makes a toll-free phone call to the phone number. The particular space identifies itself to the approaching driver by a flashing light and a vertical or horizontal barrier is lowered, allowing access. The barrier rises again once the space is vacated. Although the barriers are on a flexible mount (allowing access to the space by emergency vehicles, for example) any unauthorized vehicle pushing over the barrier triggers an alert to the car park management authority. Any unregistered motorist calling the number will receive a message giving them the necessary details on how to register.

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Advantages to the phonepark® manager

+ management

Monetizes your privileged places. Allows the price list and schedule definition by zone or user profile. It inhibits the abusive parking enhancing the parking capacity. The management software and analysis allows an absolute control and parking utilization.

+ security

It eliminates the periodic coin collection. It increases the public safety by reducing the need of handling money.

+ flexibility

Criteria change possibility according to short-term occasional needs. Allows differentiating values according to time, day, zone or user profile. It might be used in emergency situations because it activates the safety system.

+ ecological

It results in a significant decrease in parking searching traffic and reduction of CO2 emissions. It can be powered exclusively by solar energy. It eliminates the use of paper.

Advantages to the driver

+ easy

To park call the free number of the selected place and wait for the authorization. You don’t need to get out of your vehicle.

+ convenient

It eliminates the parking period renewal. It allows parking in privileges areas. It enables warnings about the parking use by sms (cost, balance, utilization time).

+ secure

It eliminates handling cash. It inhibits abusive parking. Free one-time register and inhibits abusive parking.